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Mechanical Hand    VMACH-30

Patent publication number 2006-226863


PDFを表示 Available catch and release samples
only by rotation torque of transfer rod


  • Realize catch & release function only by uniaxial rotation torque of transfer rod
  • Release samples firmly by implemented push forward structure
    ( Prevent samples from sticking during heat/cool of board )
  • Light weight, High torque, and Compact ( Opening dimension: Φ20 max )
  • Available various hand tip form that is suitable for samples
  • Less outgas and less heat conduction to samples
  • Maintenance free
  • Available attaching to any transfer rod by using adapter


メカニカルハンド   トランスファーロッド装着例
    Attach to transfer rod ( example )



・ Transfer samples inside Beamline chamber
・ Hand-over samples from/to UHV chamber
・ Installable to various experimental equipment


Catch & Release


Sample Bank

Available design and manufacture the Bank that stocks/holds samples and attached to transfer rod
then transfer samples between chambers. Please contact us in detail.


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