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Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace

  • Provide Chambers of small to large size ( up to □2000、φ2000 )
  • Available suitable heater materials according to the temperature range of process ( High-frequency heating, Metal heater, Carbon heater, etc. )
  • Selectable from low cost diffusion pumps to turbo molecular pumps supplying clean environment
  • Forced cooling in the chamber by a heat exchanger ( optional )
  • Automatic operation mode is available by touch panel control ( for production line )

Square type large vacuum furnace

Internal dim.: 1 meter SQ.

heating temperature: 500 degree C


Cylindrical type large vacuum furnace

Internal dim.: 400 X 580 X 350Hmm.

heating temperature: 1050 degree C





Square type small vacuum furnace

Internal dim.: 300mm SQ.

heating temperature: 300 degree C



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