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Non-magnetic Actuator applying to vacuum


Magnetic Proofing, Radiation Proofing, Apply to UHV


High resolution of 30 nm


Large torque of 2.2 kgf

Compact Design

Compact body
  11 axes stage ( in UHV chamber )


Vacuum Stages

  • Available to use in UHV
  • Manual, Piezo, or Stepping Motor Stage is selectable
  • High Resolution of 10 nm minimum

Available various stages combination

様々なステージの組合せが可能 矢印真空用位置決めステージ


Precision Positioning Vacuum Stages ( Customized Stages )

  • Resolution (<1μm)、Positioning Accuracy (<1μm)、Ultra High Vacuum (<1.00E-5Pa)
  • Thermal Monitor, Linear Encoder installation available
  • High‐performance Stepping Motor Controller installation
  • Low price, short delivery time, feel free to contact us
    XYZステージ製作例      高真空対応6軸ステージ
    XYZ Stage example      6 axes UHV Stage example

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