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LP-CVD Equipment     VLC-100
Low Pressure Chemical Vaper Deposition

PDFを表示Low Cost・R&D/Experiment Use
Suitable for Nitride/Poli-silicon Film Deposition


  • LP−CVD装置 Effective Deposition by installed
    Two Vapor Furnaces
  • High grade Trap installation
    - Eliminate reaction product
    - Extend lifetime of Pumps/ Pipes/ Facility
  • Easy Touch Panel Operation
    - Manual / Automatic mode selection



・ Polycrystalline silicon film deposition
・ Nitride / Oxide film deposition
・ Poli-silicon film deposition

Horizontal double diffusion furnace

・ Effective deposition by two rooms
    ( No concurrent use )
・ Avoid contamination


・ 8 inches touch panle & display
・ Automatic control & manual operation


Wide Rack

Additional vacuum equipment can be installed in the wide rack. Common use of vacuum ・gas intruduction




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