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Gas Analysis Equipment ( Blowhole Gas Analyzer VBH-100 )

PDFを表示 Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis of ultratrace gases in blowholes
Suitable for various Material Evaluation


  • Quantitative and Qualitative analysis of gases emitted from blowholes of specimen in vacuum chamber is possible by using Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer( QMS ). Blowholes are appeared in Steel Welded part, Continuous casting material, Casting
  • QMS which has High Sensitivity & Resolution gives capability of easy and detail analyzing of the gases in blowholes existed in Steel, Nonferrous metals, Glass, etc.




・ Cause investigation of material defect
・ Material Design Verification
・ Evaluation of Surface Contamination
・ Specify degassing condition



Batch type analysis chamber

バッチ式 分析チャンバ

Simplified Chamber Structure has big advantage in Changing specimen, Maintenance, Washability.

Object Material


Metal, Welding material, Glass vacuum package, etc.


Monitor Display

Simultaneous display of AMU ion current and vacuum gauge indicated value.
Enable to save data as time-series.




Appearance  Dimensions  W1335×D1800×H1570mm
Weight 250kg approximately
Cleaver Mechanism Chamber size/Material Φ200×250(L)mm /SUS304
Stage movement X axis:±5mm Y axis:±5mm
Specimen size 50×50×20(T)mm
Drill diameter MAXΦ3mm〜MINΦ1mm
Ultimate pressure  Less than E-5Pa
Mass spectrography Molecular weight 200AMU FC/EM sensor
Connection flange ICF70
Control Windows2000 CD edition ( Excel type)
Ion measurement:Time variation, Continuous measurement
Connection cable RS232 4.5M
Vacuum system Vacuum system TMP 300l/s
Dry scroll pump 300l/m
Vacuum measurement Analysis chamber Atmospheric pressure 〜 Low vacuum( Full range vacuum gauge )
Low vacuum 〜 High vacuum( Cold cathode vacuum gauge )
Power control Power 3 Phase AC200V 30A
Interlock Power out condition, Drill over load

Blowhole gas analysis example of light metals


Customize is available

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