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Vibration Free Dampers    VTD Series

Great Delivery Record for Vibration Free Dampers of Electron Microscope
More effective Damping in combination with our Vibration Free Weights



  • ICF152防振ダンパ Enable to attach to Vacuum pumps of each makers
  • Apply to many kinds of Flanges from small to large
    ( ICF, ISO, JIS, NW, etc. )
  • Attenuate Vibration from low to high frequency
    ( Vibration Transmissibility: 1/30 to 1/40 )
  • Free attaching direction
  • Low Cost

・ Vibration Isolation between Beam-line devices
・ Vibration Isolation caused by Vacuum Pump
・ ( Oil-sealed rotary vacuum pump, Turbo-molecular pump, Cryo-pumps )
・ Vibration Isolation between vacuum chambers




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