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低固有振動数除振台 Biscuit Bench Top Vibration Isolators BM-1 BM-4

Sales agency of Minus K Technology Inc.

  • Guaranteed 1/2 Hz natural frequencies, both vertical and horizontal
  • No power supply needed Mechanical Vibration Isolators
  • Insensitive to ambient temperature change, long-term and stable measurement
    is possible against to air-spring isolator
  • 詳しくはこちら Isolation performance from low frequency is extremely better
    than conventional air-spring isolator
  • Low price compared with active vibration isolators

メカニカルベンチトップ除振台 Mechanical Bench Top Vibration Isolators BM-6 BM-8 BM-10

  • Thin, Light, and Low Cost models
  • Compact size compare to conventional Air-spring isolator


Soundproof Boxes

  • Aluminum soundproof box
    ( 1 cubic meter inside )
  • High ridid soundproof box
    ( apply to AFM )
  • High ridid soundproof box
    ( 1.5 cubic meter inside )
  • Temperature and Humidity
    control box



Vibration Free Weight for NW25

Vibration Free Weights

  • MASS effected Vibration Isolation Mechanism
  • Easy damping for low frequency vibration of vacuum pumps
  • Apply to NW25, NW40 flexible tube
  • Selectable one or two fitting tube numbers


ICF152 vibration free damper

Vibration Free Dampers

  • Attenuate Vibration from low to high frequency
    (Vibration Transmissibility: 1/30 to 1/40 )
  • Free attaching direction
  • Available more effective damping in combination with our Vibration Free Weights
  • Suitable for Vibration Isolation between Beam-line devices
  • Suitable for Vibration Isolation between vacuum chambers


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