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Beam line Related Delivery Record

Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute  SPring-8
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization  KEK-PF
Japan Atomic Energy Agency  J-PARC
RIKEN, Institute of Physical and Chemical Research  RIPS・BigRIPS・SACLA
Hiroshima University  HiSOR
Ritsumeikan University  Rits SR Center
Saga University  SAGA-LS
Nagoya University  AichiSR
Institute for Molecular Science  UVSOR




集光照射装置 3軸回転試料チャンバ ビームコリメータ(吸収体・散乱体)
Beam-condensing and Irradiation Equipment 3 axes rotational Chamber Beam Collimator


真空紫外光電子分析システム 回折スペックルチャンバ コヒーレント散乱分光用チャンバ
Vacuum Ultraviolet Photoelectron Analysis System Diffraction Speckle Chamber Chamber for Coherent Diffusion Spectrum


太陽光励起伝導キャリア分光装置VPS2000-1 その他納入実績 NEGポンプ
Visible-light Photoemission Spectroscope
Others NEG Pumps

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