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Beam line Related Delivery Record

Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute  SPring-8
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization  KEK-PF
Japan Atomic Energy Agency  J-PARC
RIKEN, Institute of Physical and Chemical Research  RIPS・BigRIPS・SACLA
Hiroshima University  HiSOR
Ritsumeikan University  Rits SR Center
Saga University  SAGA-LS
Nagoya University  AichiSR
Institute for Molecular Science  UVSOR


Beam-condensing and Irradiation Equipment Beam condensing
Beam Collimator ビームコリメータ(吸収体・散乱体)
Vacuum Ultraviolet Photoelectron Analysis System 真空紫外光電子分析システム
Diffraction Speckle Chamber 回折スペックルチャンバ
Chamber for Coherent Diffusion Spectrum コヒーレント散乱分光用チャンバ
Others その他納入実績
NEG Pumps NEG Pump
Mechanical Hand メカニカルハンド

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