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Dear Sirs
Thank you very much for your continued support.
VIC International was born in 1997.
We have since been helping to form better scientific research environment through activities to develop
and provide products in the areas of vacuum technology and vibration isolation technology.
Our company bone in Nishitama-gun Tokyo, founded by two people, is 20 years old this year
with enhancement of 8 sales offices at Tokyo, Osaka, Toyama, Hyogo, Ibaragi, Nagoya, Kagawa in Japan,
and Incheon in Korea.
This would not have been possible without the strong support and ongoing patronage of all customers.
The framework of the company consists of Inspiration and Opinion of many people.
Not only wonderful inspirations of employees make Skeleton,
but also honest and strict suggestions from the customer make Pillar.
Internal effort and external support lead company to be going well.
We keep a “ Deep and Long Length “ relationship with customer, not a “ Small and Light “ relationship.
We highly appreciate your support.

President VIC International Co.,Ltd

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