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Company History

VIC aggressively advances into the field of physics and sciences, vacuum technologies,
and Beam-line R&D at both domestic and overseas research institutions.





1997 2

Company established

1997 10

Found factory in Musashi-Murayama city to enhance business

1998 2

Developed Frictional wear tester in Vacuum

1999 11

Relocated factory to Nishitama-gun Tokyo to enhance business

2000 6

Web Page Released

2001 1

Developed Soundproof Box

2002 6

Developed Vibration Isolation Damper for Turbo Molecular Pumps

2003 1

Started Synchrotron Radiation business

2004 3

Developed Residual Gas Analysis Equipment

2006 7

Increased the capital to 10 million yen

Changed company name to VIC InternationalCo.,Ltd

Relocated and Merged HQ and Factory

2006 7

Permitted to use name JAEA from Japan Atomic Energy Agency

2008 5

Opened Osaka Sales Office in Hirakata City, Osaka

2010 4

Relocated HQ & Factory to Nagaoka Mizuho-machi Nishitamagun Tokyo to enhance business

2010 7

『 Development of Manufacturing Technology for Large Ultra-High Vacuum Chambers

Using High Permeability Materials 』 was adopted to National SAPOIN Project

2011 4

Opened Toyama Sales Office in Takaoka City, Toyama

2012 7

Opened Hyogo Sales Office in Aioi City, Hyogo

2013 4

Started Mu metal shield business with UK

2013 6

『 Development of Different Metal Welding Technology aiming high-performance and

small-size of Electromagnet for High-energy Accelerator 』 was adopted to TONIO Project

2013 10

Opened Ibaraki Sales Office in Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki

『 Development of Visible-light Photoemission Spectroscope 』

was adopted to JST's Development of advanced measurement and analysis systems

2014 9

『 Development of Small sized Electric Gun for Erectron Microscope 』

was adopted to TOKYOCHUOKAI's Support Project

2014 10

『 Improvement of Transmissibility for Vibration Free Damper 』 was adopted to

Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center's Project

2014 12

『 Development of Gas Analysis Equipment for Blowhole in Glass 』

was adopted to METI CHUBU's Support Project

2016 7

Opened Kagawa Sales Office in Takamatsu City, Kagawa

2018 10

Opened Yamagata Sales Office in Tendo City, Yamagata

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